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key benefit #1 - selling books

You can sell your books directly from within your BookDrive, this allows you to strike while the iron is still hot, the audience will be able to click on whatever offer you make them and make a purchase or schedule a call or whatever the goal for your BookDrive is.
All we need from you will be the image of the offer, in most cases that will be your book cover, a price, and some information on the book. Then, voila, you have an offer that the audience can purchase should they want it. *We highly recommend that you start off by offering them a pdf copy of your book because it's the quickest and most efficient way to give them your book at a discounted price (usually half the price of your paperback), once bought they'll be given a download link and that's that.

key benefit #2 - easy access of files

All the files you need would already be preloaded onto your BookDrive so that you don't have to manually upload anything, cool right? When we set up your BookDrive, we'll need your presentation slides if any, your offer, and any file handouts or videos you want to play, and we'll preload them onto your BookDrive so that everything is in place. Less stress for you.
You can share the files with your audience, which they'll be able to download directly from your BookDrive. You can decide when to share the files and you can also stop the sharing of the file when done. It's all easy and efficient.

key benefit #3 - replica bookdrive

You have the ability to create a replica BookDrive and to re-air it when you want to. A replica BookDrive is a replica replay of your live BookDrive, everything looks live so the audience who catches the replica will still be able to see the chat roll and offers.

key benefit #4 - sell access to your bookdrive

You can have people pay to come to your BookDrive much like you would if you were attending a book launch. This helps you with generating money even before people come to your BookDrive. This is over and above the offer that the audience will receive from you within your BookDrive.
The audience will be able to purchase access to your BookDrive and once purchased, they'll receive the link and BookDrive details via email.

key benefit #4 - Done-for-you service

No need for you to have any coding or technical expertise in order to run your BookDrive because we do everything for you. Yes, everything. We design the registration page, confirmation page, and emails sent to attendees to remind them of your BookDrive. We also moderate every BookDrive, so we take care of the chat section including Q&A sessions, sharing files and offers, as well as running polls and just generally keeping your BookDrive alive. You just have to prepare your presentation, that's it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee an audience for my BookDrive?
Yes we can. We source the audience for your BookDrive in various ways, one of them being by running social media ads with a link to your BookDrive's registration page. The great thing about the social media ads is that we run these ads through your Facebook page (once we link your page with ours) this not only helps to get you that audience, but it also helps to grow your own brand and audience directly on Facebook. We manage the audience so you have nothing to worry or stress about. An audience is guaranteed, what can't be guaranteed is any specific number or size.
Will you share the audience's data with me?
No, we do not share our audience's information with any 3rd parties.
Who is the BookDrive best suited for?
It's best suited for authors who wish to grow their author brand, increase their book sales over-time, solidify their expert positioning, and add value to their ideal customers by giving them the solutions to their pain-points thus demonstrating their expertise.
Do you have any payment arrangements?
Yes, we do. You can either pay the full amount upfront or you can pay it in two or four installments (over 4 months).
What is my part to play as an author?
All you have to do is to prepare your presentation and present it. We do everything else for you.
Do I need any software so I can BookDrive?
No, we use the best webinar platform out there. All you need is a stable internet connection and your laptop or smartphone (we upload your presentation onto your BookDrive so you don't have to).
How long should a BookDrive be?
A BookDrive can be anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the content and goal of the BookDrive. The cut off time is at 3 hours.
How many presenters can I have on my BookDrive?
You can have up to 4 presenters on a BookDrive, this is great for a book launch where you have an MC who will be conducting the event or a panelist. 
Why can't I just use ZOOM?
ZOOM is mainly for hosting meetings, they do however have a webinar solution that has some functions similar to a BokDrive, but the cost of using ZOOM webinars to reach 500 people is around $1500 per year. And, the BookDrive makes it easier for you to make money natively with offers that your audience can click on during your BookDrive. Not forgetting that with the BookDrive, you're getting a done-for-you service optimized at helping you to grow your author brand, share your book with as many people as possible, and to sell more books in the long-term.
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What's the next step?

1 Purchase access to run BookDrives

2 Schedule a consultation with our team

3 Prepare your presentation

4 Deliver your BookDrive